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Welcome to Grid Consortium Japan

Grid Consortium Japan Overview

Grid* Consortium is one of the non-profit bodies which have been established within autonomous agency, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in June 2002, and is consisted of researchers of corporate bodies, universities and national institutes who support our aims and are engaged in Japanese grid business and R & D.

This consortium aims at contributing the society by promoting R&D of grid technology, spreading of research results and by researching the trend of international technological standardization. For this purpose we undertake the following tasks:

・ collecting the information, researching, spreading and proposing regarding grid technology

・ study on standardization and contributing international standardization

・ spreading of grid technologies in Japan

・ providing the opportunity for interchange of personnel from abroad and from inside Japan

The activities of the consortium are funded by the corporate membership fee. Also the consortium supports the activities of GGF (Global Grid Forum) and cooperates with them by being a sponsor.

Message from Chair

sekiguchi Satoshi Sekiguchi
Chair, Grid Consortium Japan
(Director of ITRI, AIST)

Although active research on Grid technology has been conducted among various countries, mainly in European countries and USA, research in Japan is rather behind compared with these countries. In the meantime the interest of the people in Japan is rapidly getting higher, and it is commonly and basically recognized that it is necessary to accelerate the research. The consortium intend to positively provide the opportunity where the experts from domestic industrial and academic field which are related to grid technology can actively discuss. We expect various people to join the consortium who support our purpose.

Contact Info.

If you need further information, please contact to: office at jpgrid.org
*Grid is next generation's internet technology which accesses to various information resources connected to network (PC, astronomy observation devices, super computers and so on), and builds a system which deals comprehensively the overwhelmingly large-volume data and is utilized with high reliance and safety. Grid aims at providing services through internet which are available for whomever, whenever and wherever. Users have only to plug in without knowing from where the power comes.